Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aftermarket products: Did it come with your seat?

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  • Just because a product is made, for sale and can be purchased does NOT make it safe.
  • If a product did NOT come with the car seat you purchased out of the box, do NOT use it. 
  • If you the car seat you purchased came with the products listed below, it IS okay to use. (EXCEPT: Seat protectors. *I will explain below.)

This includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Strap covers.
  2. Head supports.
  3. Body supports.
  4. Car seat covers (fabric made to change the design of the car seat)
  5. Bundle Me winter covers. (*NOTHING should go between baby and car seat or baby and harness. ***You CAN use a shower cap style winter cover that goes OVER the car seat.)
  6. Seat protectors. (*Seat protectors are not to be used because they act as a double sided tape. You think it's nice and tight, but it's just being on by the grip. In a crash that can't withstand the forces, so your acts as if it's not there, moving several inches more than it should, increasing the chances of injury or worse. ***Even seat protectors that state CRASH TESTED should NOT be used.)
The seats where not tested with the above products, therefore the manufacturer cannot guarantee the seat will do it's job in the event of an accident, with these added accessories. Making your child a crash test dummy.

Left image is INCORRECT. Right image is CORRECT.
Image credit: Car Seats For The Littles FB.

*Manufacturers permit the use of rolled up receiving blankets to help keep an infant in position. Nothing is going behind the child. You can also used a rolled up wash cloth, to place between baby and crotch buckle if baby is slumping down, due to the space. These ARE permitted and ARE okay to do.

Image credit: Google.

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